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If your family gets through plenty of frozen food, you'll love this spacious chest freezer from Lec. It's got a smart white design, excellent energy rating and a large capacity. What more could you want from a freezer?

Size and Shape

This chest freezer is similar in size and shape to many under counter models. However, thanks to the location of the door on top of the unit, it can hold more food. The absence of shelves or drawers is also a bonus as you can easily store bulky items. All this means the CF100LW has an impressive net capacity of 97L.

The freezer also comes with a wire basket. This is perfect for commonly used items like chips and peas and will save you from rummaging at the bottom when you need something. The step inside the freezer, which is used to cover the compressor, is ideal for stacking boxes of chicken dippers or ready meals you need easy access to.

The generous capacity of the CF100LW is ideal for the storage needs of larger families or for saving money from your weekly food bill. Whether you buy cheap frozen goods, save money by buying in bulk or freeze your leftovers, having plenty of freezer space is a real help.

Where to Store this Chest Freezer

Despite its large capacity, this Lec freezer still has fairly compact outer dimensions and won't take up too much room in your home. Although it's roughly the same height as many under counter models, it can't be placed under your worktops. However, you can store it practically anywhere in your home, as long as the temperature is between 10°c and 38°c. You could keep it in the kitchen, pantry, utility room or even a garage.

Energy Savings

Lec's CF100LW is really environmentally friendly. It has an excellent A+ energy rating which means it consumes very little power whilst running. Not only is this good for the planet, it means low running costs. You could save as much as £36 a year compared to older machines and CO2 emissions are also lower.

With its 4* star performance rating, this chest freezer keeps your foods frozen for longer. Buy online or contact your local store.


Energy Efficiency Class A+
Capacity 97 L
Thermostat Analog
Freezer Capacity 97 L
Energy Consumption per Year 175 kWh
Colour White
Height 83 cm
Width 58.5 cm
Depth 56.2 cm
Weight 28 kg
Noise Level 40 dB(A)
Net Total Capacity 97 L
Net Freezer Capacity 97 L